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Bekomat 2000026 KA12A1WZ0

Product Name: Bekomat 2000026 KA12A1WZ0
Brand: Bekomat
Product Code: Bekomat 2000026 KA12A1WZ0
Artikel: 2000026
Bekomat 2000026 KA12A1WZ0

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Reliable and timely drainage of condensate is the key to stable and reliable operation of not only individual devices running on compressed air, but also the entire pneumatic system. That is why more or less serious industries prefer automatic steam traps, the best of which are BEKOMATs. This equipment has been carefully developed by BEKO TECHNOLOGIES engineers, taking into account all the requirements of our customers.The fact is that not every steam trap is able to provide timely removal of accumulated water. And if he is capable, then he cannot do it without loss of compressed air. Namely, their compensation is one of the most significant components of the total cost of operating the pneumatic system. But BEKOMAT® steam traps do an excellent job of this task, because they are equipped with a sensor that determines the amount of condensate accumulated, and the process of draining it is controlled by an intelligent controller.The policy of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES is not only to give the customer a good product, but also to make its operation as simple as possible. If we are talking about replacing a steam trap, in some cases it will be most convenient to install the exact same model of the device instead of the old one.You can buy the necessary steam trap from us, in the PNEVMOMASH company. We represent BEKO TECHNOLOGIES in Russia not only in terms of sales of products, but also in matters of service and warranty service. Our products are always of high quality, they work reliably and also reduce your operating costs.