CTC LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z

CTC LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z Image

CTC LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z

Product Name: CTC LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z
Brand: CTC
Product Code: LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z
Tags: CTC CTC LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z LP252-1R1-2D/030-Z

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Loop power sensor, velocity, top exit integral polyurethane cable, 4-20 mA output.; Polyurethane jacketed cable, black, twisted, shielded pair, .250" OD, 250 F; 30 ft. overall length; Measurement Range: 0-1 IPS (0-25.4 mm/sec); Range Type: RMS; Frequency Range: 600-60000 CPM (10-1000 Hz); Blunt Cut; Standard 1/4 28 Mounting Screw