SPM EXL  Fluid End Image

SPM EXL Fluid End

Product Name: SPM EXL Fluid End
Brand: SPM
Product Code: EXL
Fluid End

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Building on the best of past designs, the SPM® EXL Fluid End from Weir is engineered to drive down total cost of ownership. Streamlined manufacturing processes, upgraded components and optimized geometry combine to simplify service while improving performance. The SPM® Everbore™ hardened steel packing bore eliminates the threat of washboarding, along with the additional downtime associated with re-sleeving. Lasting the entire lifetime of the fluid end, the packing bore targets zero maintenance in the red zone. A SPM® Duralast® retainer nut offers greater durability to accommodate long pumping hours. As always, SPM® EdgeX™ offers customers comprehensive parts, maintenance and service support.