Stieber Type NF   Freewheel Image

Stieber Type NF Freewheel

Product Name: Stieber Type NF Freewheel
Brand: Stieber
Product Code: Type NF

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Type NF is a roller type freewheel non-bearing supported. Bearings are required to support axial and radial loads. Lubrication and sealing must also be provided by the installation. Standard lubrication is oil. Nominal outside diameter is a standard ball bearing dimension. A typical arrangement is to install this type alongside a bearing with the same housing tolerances, as shown on the following page. The inner race is keyed to the shaft. The outer race has a positive n6 tolerance to give a press fit in a H7 housing. Additional side notches provide for positive torque transmission. If the housing tolerance is to K6, use of the notches is not necessary, but the housing must be strong enough to not expand after assembly.