Aireka ABT-030  Air Knife Image

Aireka ABT-030 Air Knife

Product Name: Aireka ABT-030 Air Knife
Brand: Aireka
Product Code: ABT-030
Air Knife

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ABT-030ABT-030 PLUSABT-060ABT-100ABT-200ABT-400ABT-600ABT-F1ABX-1000ABX-1500ABX-2000ABZ-1000ABZ-1500ABZ-2000 Part number ABT-030General characteristicsMaterials Anodised aluminiumAir supply connection Fitting Ø-8Fastening Optional angular bracketBarrier length 32 mmSlot size 0,15 mm on each sideSupply pressure max. 7 barOptional magnet kit KACM-ABT030