Alfa Laval 9613407357 LKB 63,5/2½

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The Alfa Laval LKB Butterfly Valve operates either by means of a pneumatic actuator from a remote location or manually by means of a handle. The actuator comes in three standard versions: normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), and air/air activated (A/A).For pneumatic operation, an actuator converts axial piston motion into a 90° rotation of the shaft. The actuator torque increases as the valve disc comes into contact with the butterfly valve seal ring to secure proper closing of the valve seat. For manual operation, a handle mechanically locks the valve in open or closed position. Two-position, four-position, regulating 90°-position, and multi-position handles are available. Manual butterfly valves can also be mounted with indication units for feedback on the valve position (open/closed).