Apv Bl010586 Diaphragm Membran

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Apv Bl010586 Diaphragm Membran

Product Name: Apv Bl010586 Diaphragm Membran
Brand: Apv
Product Code: Bl010586 Diaphragm Membran
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Artikel: Bl010586
Diaphragm Membran

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The SPX FLOW AP1 diaphragm valve range offers optimum protection of the product in aseptic applications. Product safety is provided by the hermetic separation of the product chamber from the environment (atmosphere) by a flexible diaphragm shaft. The function of the valve is to shut off line sections or aseptic tanks.Advantages2 versions: Econo (made of 1.4404 stainless steel with Ra value of < 0.8 m) and Techno (made of 1.4435 stainless steel with Ra value of < 0.5 µm, 3.1 certificate)FDA-approved TFM/PTFE diaphragm providing use of many cleaning agents and productsFlat diaphragm for smooth product flow, reducing pressure drops, cleaning time and CIP consumption3-A approvedThe valve models are available in DN10, DN15, DN20 and ½" sizes.Optionally available are a tank outlet version and three electrical valve position feedback systems.