Ayvaz AGD-30 Pressure Reducer

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If the working pressure for any process is less than the incoming line pressure, pressure reducing valve can set the pressure. It is not recommended to drop incoming line pressure more than 10/1 in the pressure reducing valve. In such cases, it is better to use two pressure reducers in series.In order to obtain dry and clean steam before the pressure reducer, the condensate which has formed as a result of steam condensation on the steam separator must be discharged. If it is a sensitive process, it is appropriate to use safety valve after pressure reducer.Advantages• It is not affected by inlet pressure and flow rate changes.• Sensitive pressure controlling for outlet is the best choice for pressure control• For steam, compressed air etc.• Pressure set range is between 0,2-10 bar with 3 different springs.• Easy mounting.• Easy to setting.Application Areas• Textile• Energy• Rafines• Petro-chemical• Marine• Chemical• Food• Paper