Baykon BX11 Indicator Image

Baykon BX11 Indicator

Product Name: Baykon BX11 Indicator
Brand: Baykon
Product Code: BX11
Tags: Baykon Indicator Baykon BX11 Indicator Baykon Indicator BX11 Indicator Baykon BX11

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BAYKON BX11 is a professional industrial weighing indicator that provides easy assembly to your panel with its small size and ergonomic structure and creates ideal solutions for your weighing process. It offers powerful options for PLC / DCS integration with standard RS-232C and RS-485 serial output, Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, Analog output, EtherCAT, CC-Link.Test no-load calibration (eCal), load cell output linearization, powerful digital adaptive filter, display sensitivity up to 999,999 and 1600 cycles per second are its significant advantages. BX11 controls your entire weighing process smoothly with 4 optical isolated inputs and 5 relay contact outputs. BX11 has a stainless steel front and rear panel; 48 x 96 mm panel standards. With a bright 13.5 mm LED indicator, it can be easily read from a distance. Its small-sized metal box takes less space on your control panel and provides ergonomic and safe operation with its plug-in type terminals.