Bedia CLS10 Level Monitoring Sensors

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BEDIA CLS?10 stands for special versions of our well-proven CLS?40 series for heavy duty applications.Currently, the BEDIA CLS?10 series includes a variety of sensors, which are compatible replacement parts for level switches from Cooper Standard and Robert Shaw which are obsolete nowadays – and this in well proven BEDIA quality.This also includes sensors with 2 complementary CMOS outputs. It should be emphasized that the water sensors with two complementary outputs can be operated with a supply voltage of 4.75?V DC?–?32?V DC. Thus, the same sensor can be operated at a supply voltage of nominal voltage 5?V DC and a supply voltage of 7?…?32?V DC.BEDIA level monitoring sensors are used to monitor the filling levels of liquids. The sensors react when a filling level is exceeded or falls below a limit.Aqueous mediums like coolants, AdBlue®, fresh water, waste water, bilge water and oil-based liquids like engine oils, hydraulic oils, fuels and brake fluids can be monitored.Due to their rugged design, high IP protection classes and a working temperature range from -40?°C to +125?°C (-40?°F to +257?°F) the BEDIA monitoring sensors are primarily used in the following areas:EnginesAgricultural machineryConstruction equipmentHydraulic unitsCommercial vehicles