Bollfilter 1.12.2 100.260 DN50 Filter

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BOLLFILTER Simplex Type 1.12.2Flange ConnectionASME or DIN1" - 3" or DN 25 - DN 80Connections inlineyesFilter elementstar-pleated element, basket element, filter cartridgeGrade of filtration10 µm - 5 mmPressure stagePN 32/40Filter housingnodular cast ironcast stainless steel (DN 25, DN 50, DN 65 and DN 80)cast design (seamless weld)Optional equipment- differential pressure indicator optical or electrical- heating- cover safety deviceGeneral Accessories and Special Equipment1.) Connecting elementsFlexible connection possibilitiese.g., flanged, NPT, ball valves, needle valves2.) InstrumentsDifferential pressure connections such as optical and optical/electrical differential pressure measurement systems3.) Optional equipmentCover safety device