Bollfilter DN 25 Filter

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Technical Characteristics• Filter housing made of cast ductileiron (DN 25 to DN 80) or cast stainlesssteel (DN 25 and DN 50)• Certified according to AD 2000,PED/DGRL97/23/EG and ASMESECT. VIII DIV.1• Flanged connections according toDIN, ANSI, JIS• Filter elements: star-pleated 1 elementor basket 2 element, optionallyas disposable element• Grade of filtration: 10 micron to 5 mm• Operating temperature: -10°C to 160°C• Cover safety device• Magnetic bar inside the filter element• Steam heating• Bottom fastening for filter size DN 65/80Advanta ges• Minimal pressure losses• Most compact construction• Minimal number of components• Easy cover fastening with only twoscrews