Dynisco ATC 770-0-3-3 Process Controller

Dynisco ATC 770-0-3-3 Process Controller Image

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·         Unique self- tuning algorithm·         Three alarms·         Dual 5 digit displays (red/green) and bargraph·         Automatic ramp to setpoint·         24 Vdc transmitter power supply·         MODbus communications·         Displays setpoint; deviation from setpoint;·         Output %; motor RPM; peak (high or low)·         UL and cUL approved·         CE appoved Main Power Supply: From 100 to 240 VAC (-15% to 10%), 50/60 Hz switching. Option: 24 V AC/DC (-10% to 10%) Power Consumption: Max 22 VA at 50 Hz; Max 27 VA at 60 Hz Insulation Resistance: 100 Mohm @500 VDC Dielectric Strength:1500 V rms for 1 min, 1800 V for 1 sec (according to EN6 1010-1) Ambient Temperature: From 0 to 50°C Storage Temperature: From -20 to 70°C Humidity: Max 85% RH non-condensing Watchdog: Hw/Sw is provided for automatic restart Protection: Two internal dip switches for factory calibration and security codes protection Agency Approvals: UL File # 193253, cUL pending Self-Certification: CE