Edur LBM Series Magnetically Coupled Pumps

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Edur LBM Series Magnetically Coupled Pumps

Product Name: Edur LBM Series Magnetically Coupled Pumps
Brand: Edur
Product Code: LBM Series
Magnetically Coupled Pumps

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Fields of Application and Conveyed FluidsMagnetically coupled pumps from EDUR are often used within cooling technology, transport of liquefied gas, energy technology as well as other industrial technologies. They are used for the supply of pure or slightly contaminated water, but they are especially well suited for the supply of toxic, environmentally hazardous and explosive fluids as well as for high-temperature applications.The drive torque of the motor is transferred to the pump shaft through magnetic field strength. A “can” hermetically separates the interior of the pump from the atmosphere. The bearing of the pump shaft is designed in medium-lubricated slide bearings. This prevents any amount of leakage, which would otherwise occur with conventional shaft seals.Variants of EDUR-Magnetically Coupled PumpsMagnetically coupled pumps are often referred to as “hermetic pumps”. EDUR-series for this pump design include the series PBM, LBM, NHM and NMBL. Also for these pumps, the EDUR-modular design enables the highest level of flexibility regarding the pump configurations. The pumps are available in a variety of construction styles and materials (grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, bronze or stainless steel) as well as with various drive solutions.As required, we deliver customer-specific configurations (such as additional containment shell monitoring). Of course, we can also provide certificates of all authorized classification societies and necessary test reports.AdvantagesAs all EDUR-pumps, magnetically coupled pumps stand out due to their efficiency, economy and reliability. Moreover, we would like to emphasize the following product advantages and characteristics:Process safetyHigh energy efficiency due to low-loss / lossless magnetic couplingsComprehensive testing of entire unitEasy servicingHermetically sealedAbsolutely wear-freeHigh operational safetyLong lifetimeATEX approval on requestAssembly-friendlyModular design for customized solutionsCompact design / minimal space requirementsTechnical dataFlow rate, max. 600 m³/hPermissible operating pressure up to 40 barTemperature -40°C up to 220°C (up to -50°C on request)Viscosity up to 200 mm²/sCHARACTERISTIC CURVES