Emotron FDU48-244-20  Drive Image

Emotron FDU48-244-20 Drive

Product Name: Emotron FDU48-244-20 Drive
Brand: Emotron
Product Code: FDU48-244-20
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Emotron FDUSecure the flow and save energyEmotron FDU variable frequency drive (VFD) has been developed to control flow and pressure. It offers efficient and reliable operation of pumps, fans and compressors, reducing energy and maintenance costs. Available in both IP54 certified enclosure as well as IP20/21.Smart new compact power modules reduce drive cabinet by 30% CG Drives & Automation presents a new range of variable frequency drives (VFDs) for 160-4000kW, 230-690V within the Emotron brand. The range includes many new frame sizes for high power drives. The new sizes are based on the new smart 365A Power Electronic Building Blocks (PEBBs). These power modules now have a significantly improved power density and their unique construction offers flexibility and redundancy. The result is up to 30% width reduction in the final drive cabinet.