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Efficiency  Classes  of  Motors  and  Measuring  Methods   The   “efficiency”   describes   how   efficiently   an   electric   motor   transforms   electrical   energy   into   mechanical   energy.   Previously   in   Europe,   low   voltage   three-­‐phase   motors   have   been   graded   and   marketed   in   three   efficiency  classes  –  EFF3,  EFF2  and  EFF1  –  based  on  a  voluntary  agreement  between  motor  manufacturers   and  the  European  Commission.   This   classifica-on   system   is   well   proven   and   has   now   been   adapted   in  many   countries   around   the   world.   Unfortunately,   other   countries   have   also   developed   their   own   na-onal   systems,   which   are   very   different   from   the     European   system.   That   was   the   reason   for   the   German  motor  manufacturers   in   ZVEI,   with   the   support   of   their   European   neighbours,   to   develop   an   energy   efficiency   standard   for   the   Interna-onal   Electrotechnical  Commission  (IEC).     The  objec-ve  was  to  have  a  common  interna-onal  standard  that  replaces  all  the  different  na-onal  systems.   This  project  was  successful  and  the  objec-ve  has  been  met.   The   new   interna-onal   standard,   IEC   60034-­‐30:2008,   defines   efficiency   classes   IE1,   IE2   and   IE3   for   three-­‐ phase  motors.     This  ensures  a  common  interna-onal  basis  for  the  design  and  classifica-on  of  motors  as  well  as  for  na-onal   legisla-ve    ac-vi-es.  At  the  same  -me,  the  IEC  developed  improved  methods  for  determining  the  efficiency   of  these  motors.   The  interna-onal  standards  IEC  60034-­‐30:2008  (classifica-on)  and  IEC  60034-­‐2-­‐1:2007  (measuring  methods)     have   been   adopted   as   European   standards   without   any   changes   as   EN   60034-­‐30:2009   and   EN   60034-­‐2-­‐1:2007.     For  the  sake  of  simplicity,  the  following  sec-ons  will  refer  to  the  IEC  standards  only.