FIP Italy FKOM/FM Series DN 40÷400 Butterfly Valve

FIP Italy FKOM/FM Series DN 40÷400  Butterfly Valve Image

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Butterfly valve with bare shaftBUTTERFLY VALVE• Interchangeable Disk in PP-H with through shaft, available in differentthermoplastic materials: PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PVDF• Overall dimensions of the valve in accordance with standard ISO 5752 (DN40÷200 Medium series 25, DN 250÷ 300 Long Series 16) and DIN 3202 K2and ISO 5752 (DN DN 65÷200 K2, DN 250÷300 K3)• Can also be installed as an end line valve, bottom discharge valve or tankdump valve• Special Lug version PN 10 fully drilled according to DIN 2501 or ANSIB16.5 cl.150 with molded-in AISI 316 stainless steel threaded inserts• Valve material compatibility (PP-H) with water conveyance, drinking waterand other food substances according to current regulations• Possibility of installing a manual reducer or pneumatic and/or electricactuators by applying an ISO standard drilling PP-GR flanges. DN 40 ÷200 valve equipped with plate with rack in PP-GR. For actuated versionswith flange drilled according to ISO 5211 F05, F07, F10. DN 250÷300 valve,fitted with one-piece top flange in high mechanical strength PP-GR withmounting flange for internal components drilled according to standardISO 5211 F10 (excluding DN 350÷400), F12, F14.• Possibility to have handle with integrated LSQT limit micro switch, even asa retrofit in existing installations EPDM code FKM code FKOMFM050E FKOMFM050F FKOMFM063E FKOMFM063F FKOMFM075E FKOMFM075F FKOMFM090E FKOMFM090F FKOMFM110E FKOMFM110F FKOMFM140E FKOMFM140F FKOMFM160E FKOMFM160F FKOMFM225E FKOMFM225F FKOMFM280E FKOMFM280F FKOMFM315E FKOMFM315F FKOMFM355E FKOMFM355F FKOMFM400E FKOMFM400F FKOAMFM810E FKOAMFM810F FKOAMFM812E FKOAMFM812F FKOAMFM814E FKOAMFM814F FKOAMFM816E FKOAMFM816F