Fisher V300 Rotary Control Valve

Fisher V300  Rotary Control Valve Image

Fisher V300 Rotary Control Valve

Product Name: Fisher V300 Rotary Control Valve
Brand: Fisher
Product Code: V300
Rotary Control Valve

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Fisher™ Vee-Ball™ V150, V200, and V300 Rotary Control ValvesFisher™ Vee-Ball™ V150, V200, and V300 Noise AttenuatorFisher™ 1068 Rotary Vane ActuatorThe Fisher Vee-Ball V300 control valve is your best choice for performance and cost-effectiveness across a broad range of applications.The precision-machined parts and pressure-balanced seal designs allow smooth, precise valve operation.FeaturesFlanged body design eliminates exposed line flange bolting, reduces alignment and installation time, and promotes secure valve installations and piping integrity.The solid HD ball seal construction provides long service life in demanding applications.Precise contouring of the Vee-Ball provides a modified equal percentage flow characteristic.Materials are available for applications involving sour liquids and gases. These constructions comply with NACE MR0175-2002, MR0175-2003, MR0103, and MR0175/ISO 15156.Ball seal inspection and replacement is done at the valve body inlet, without removing the actuator or disassembling the valve.The one-piece valve body improves structural integrity of the pressure boundary by eliminating leak paths that could be caused by the gaskets in two-piece, bolted valve designs.The optional ENVIRO-SEAL™ packing systems are designed with very smooth shaft surfaces and live loading to provide exceptional sealing.