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Fristam’s shear pump is specifically designed for producing dispersions and emulsions with maximum efficiency. It achieves incomparably homogenous products, while reducing raw material input and shortening processing times considerably. The FSP’s three-dimensional shearing process continuously produces perfect blends of consistent quality. All models are extremely hygienic and efficient, very robust and exceptionally economical.SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTION Fristam shear pumps were developed based on our proven centrifugal pumps of the FP series. In place of their impeller, a rotor-and-stator system draws inhomogeneous products through shearing clearances of just 0.3 mm at tip speeds of up to 38 m/s. As a result of extremely high flow rates in the rotor-and-stator system, and the high shear rates of up to 125,000 1/s, multiphase products are blended with supreme efficiency.TECHNICAL DETAILS 5 different sizes Impeller Ø 130 to 250 mm Shear rates up to 125,000 1/s Revolution speed up to 5,800 rpm Viscosities up to 100,000 mPa.s