Gefo BT2000 Test Set Image

Gefo BT2000 Test Set

Product Name: Gefo BT2000 Test Set
Brand: Gefo
Product Code: BT2000
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Test set

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Part numberBT2000UnitSetSpecificationsThree devices in one caseBenefitsSecure and easy to store and transportApplicationAntifreeze tester for cooling circuits with ethylene glycolAntifreeze tester for windscreen washer systemBattery acid tester for checking the battery chargePropertiesAdditional probe for battery acid testerMeasuring range for radiator and coolant: 0°C to -40°CMeasuring range for windscreen washer system: 0°C to -30°CMeasuring range for battery acid (density): 1.10 g/ml to 1.30 g/mlPrecision: 0.01 g/mlDimensions: 325 x 275 x 55 mmWeight of case: 750 g