Greisinger GOO570 Atmospheric Oxygen Sensor

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atmospheric oxygen sensor, open sensor typeUniversal application, diving gas, longlife, suitable for GMH 569xGENERAL:suitable for air or gas streamquick temperature compensationAPPLICATION:Because of the special sensor construction the measuring gas streams optimally around the sensor and escapes through holes in the housing into the air. No pressure build-up at slight streaming of the probe, that falsify the result of measurement. Particularly suitable for measuring of gas out of gas-bottle etc. Even measuring indoor-gas concentration is possible.SPECIFICATIONS:Sensor element: GOEL 370Oxygen-partial pressure probe, mounted in external sensor housing replaceable (temperature sensor mounted in housing)Specific features: Long service life, for protective gases with a high O 2  concentration and oxygen content <35 vol.% O 2Measuring range:Partial oxygen pressure: 0 ... 1100 hPa O 2  Oxygen concentration: 0.0 ... 100.0% O 2  Response time: T 90 <10 s Accuracy (at 25 ° C, 1013 hPa)<2% O 2  ± 0.2% O 2 <25% O 2  ± 0.5% O 2 > 25% O 2  ± 0.5% O2Scope of supply: sensor, flow diverter