Habasit FAB-5EZCH-P1 TPU Belt

Habasit FAB-5EZCH-P1  TPU Belt Image

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TypeFood BeltsProduct GroupTPU BeltsSub-GroupHydrolysis Resistant BeltsProduct NameFAB-5EZCH-P1Previous codeXVT-2463Master JointFlexproof 10 x 80Main industry segments Baked snacks, Biscuit and Crackers, Bread, Chocolate, Convenience food, Fish, Frozen food, Pasta, Pastry, Pizza, Poultry, Primary food packaging, Ready meals, Red meat Applications Delivery belt, Food processing/conveying belt, Powerturn belt, Weighing belt Special features Easy cleanability, Frayless edges, High temperature resistant, Hydrolysis resistant, Low wicking reverse side, Powerturn suitable