Hauber 663 Window Series Vibration Sensor

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Analogue and relay outputVibration acceleration1 - 1000 Hz / 10 - 1000 Hzg (peak)The Type 663-Window vibration monitoring unit is used to measure and monitor vibration acceleration on machines.FeaturesTwo limit values and associated delay times are separately adjustable.Both relay switching outputs indicate if the set window range is exceeded or undershot. This can be used to generate an alarm.Measurement value: Vibration acceleration (g, peak).Analogue current output: Interference-free DC signals from 4...20 mA, proportional to the measuring range of the monitoring unit.Approvals: CE, ATEX, EAC, EAC EX, SIL2 / PL-dListHauber 640.16.000.0 Vibration ControlHauber 640.16.000.0 Art.: 10034 Vibration ControlHauber 640.16.000.15 Vibration ControlHauber 663 10298 Vibration ControlHauber 663 PL-d SIL2 SIL3 SensorHauber 663.12.200.2 Controller VibrationHauber 663.32.010.0 Vibration ControlHauber 663.6,4.010.2 Vibration MonitoringHauber 663.64.000.0 Vibration ControlHauber 663.64.000.0 V?brat?on ControlHauber 664 10651 Vibration MonitoringHauber 664.10.200.26 Vibration ControlHauber 664.16.000.0-S Vibration SensorHauber 664.8.200.0 Vibration ValveHauber 664.8.200.0 Vibration Control