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HELMHOLZ 700-321-1BH01

Product Name: HELMHOLZ 700-321-1BH01
Product Code: 700-321-1BH01
Tags: HELMHOLZ 700-321-1BH01 HELMHOLZ 700-321-1BH01
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Number of inputs32Isolation (from backplane bus)In groups ofYes (optocoupler)16Input voltage valuefor “0” signalfor “1” signalDC 24 V-3 ... +5 V+13 ... +30 VInput current for “1” signal typ.7 mADelay time typ.1.2 ... 4.8 msConnection of 2-wire initiatorPerm. quiescent current for ”0” signal max.Yes1.5 mACable length unshielded max.shielded max.600 m1000 mCurrent consumption internal (backplane bus) typ.external (from +24 V) max.30 mA290 mAPower loss (rated operation) typ.6.8 WFront connector40-wayAmbient temperatureTransport and storage temperature0 °C ... 60 °C-25 °C ... 75 °C