Hepco SJC 265 C Bearing Image

Hepco SJC 265 C Bearing

Product Name: Hepco SJC 265 C Bearing
Brand: Hepco
Product Code: SJC 265 C

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Detailed informationBearing assemblyThe eccentric and concentric types combine a hardened, compact deep groove with precision-polished ball bearings. The V profile of the external race houses the slideway. Typically, two concentric and eccentric bearings are used for each carriage plate.Comes with metal shieldLong-term lubricationSlide System --HepcoHepco Linear Slide System is available in three basic sizes. It can work in any plane and is tolerant of misalignment. Suitable for industrial applications such as packaging / wrapping machines, labeling machines, industrial guarding, low load transfer mechanisms, automation and robot spray equipment . Slide systems have a working temperature range of -20 ° C to + 120 ° C (except cap wipers).specificationCharacteristicValuetypeTrack rollerOuter diameter26.5mm