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Insert Deal Vsf3133Hf Valve

Product Name: Insert Deal Vsf3133Hf Valve
Brand: Insert Deal
Product Code: Vsf3133Hf

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FEATURESStainless steel high precision relief valve for inlet pressure up to 3 bar (43,5 psi)Inlet and outlet connections 2”- F by flanges screwed to the body.EN or ASME flanged connections available on request.The relief valve opens when the inlet pressure increases above the set point initially regulated by the adjusting screw and it closes when the pressure goes down under the set point.Set point pressure is controlled by a rubber diaphragm.Available the ATEX versionBrand CE ExII2GDcIICX.Available the EAC TP TC 032/2013 or EAC-EX TP TC 012/2011 versions for the Russian market.For use in potentially explosive atmospheres zones: 1, 21, 2, 22 (not in mines and zone 0).The product complies with the directive97/23/CE PED.