I.R.E HPM 1300 27R Braking Resistor

I.R.E HPM 1300 27R  Braking Resistor Image

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HPMThe HPM resistor is the restyling of the HPD model , optimized to express superior thermoelectric performance. The new heatsink was designed with the aid of CFD codes and modern simulation software.Special fins on the sides and bottom fit on TE-M5 nuts or screws for easy mounting inside control panels or on dissipation surfaces.The materials used exclude any possibility of smoke, flames or explosions.A thermal protection is integrated (standard 180 ° C). Special versions with high IP or with safety cut-out are available on request. Main characteristics- high performance-to-size ratio- thermostat (standard 180 °)- available with IP67 protection- ROHS compatibility- version with UL mark available on request