JCT JES-301E1 Gas Sampling Probe

JCT JES-301E1  Gas Sampling Probe Image

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ApplicationsRepresentative continuous gas sampling in processes containing dust and humidityInstallation in Ex-zone 1, 2 or 21, 22Extractive gas analysisEmission (CEMS) and process monitoringRemoval of dust from the sample gasBenefitsNo condensation or chemical reactions of sample gasConvenient filter replacementLow maintenanceSafe unattended operationEasy start-upEven for high dust concentrationsReliable protection of the analyzer systemJES-301E1S         JES-301E1CS       JES-301E1SZJES-301E1BS      JES-301E1BCS     JES-301E1BSZJES-301E1CSZ    JES-301E1BCSZFeaturesHomogeneous heating without cold spotsLarge active filter surfaceFiltration from outside to insideFilter element change without ToolsDifferent material of filter elementsSelf limiting PTC heaterWeather protection housingVarious options and UpgradesWide range of accessories