Koba KSA 45-50 Shock Absorber

Koba KSA 45-50  Shock Absorber Image

Koba KSA 45-50 Shock Absorber

Product Name: Koba KSA 45-50 Shock Absorber
Brand: Koba
Product Code: KSA 45-50
Shock Absorber

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• Depending on the collision speed, the cushioning force can be finely adjusted in a range of 12 steps from 0 to 300 degrees.• Adoption of front/rear adjustment dial makes it easy to adjust in various installation environments.• By making the body of the shock absorber as an integral type, it is not only robust, but also  fundamentally solves the problem of bottom out.• The whole body is threaded, so it is easy to mount and can be accurately positioned.  In addition, as the surface area increases, heat energy due to shock absorption  can be released to the outside more quickly.• Piston Rod is treated with hard chrome plating, and the  Rod Cover is a special material that can withstand long-term use  , protecting the seal and guaranteeing a long life.• Body surface treatment Nickel plating or alloy plating (black) to resist corrosion.• Use of Urethane Cap can reduce noise.• Speed ​​range: 0.3 ~ 5.0m/s• Temperature range: -10 ~ 80℃• Option: -40 ~ 120℃ (special oil and seal)• Usage: Robot, packaging machine, loom, machine tool, automobile manufacturing facility, tire Manufacturing facilities,  It is used for many purposes throughout the industry such as casting equipment, cranes, and safety devices.