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Detection propertiesNominal sensing distance0,5 … 2mBeams space10mmcontrolled height130mmminimum detectable objectØ 5mmnumber of rays14Sensitivity adjustmentYesApplicationFunction Principleemitter+receiverOutputsOutput typePNPOutput FunctionNCSwitching frequency130HzResposnse time for light/dark transition500µsResposnse time for dark/light transition7msElectrical dataOperating Voltage10 - 26VdcNo-Load supply current150mA (emitter) - 25mA (receiver)Load current100mALeakage current< 10µA @ 26VOutput voltage drop2V @ 100mAMax ripple content10%LED indicatorsemitter: yellow (supply and emission active) - receiver: red (signal level) - yellow (output state active)Time delay before availability< 85 msShort-circuit protectionYesReverse Polarity ProtectionYesEmissioninfrared 880nmInterference to external light1000lux (incandescent light) - 1500lux (sunlight)Impulsive Overvoltage ProtectionYesMechanical dataDimensions140 x 36 x 18mmWeight104gConnectionsWith PCB connectors / Emitter, Conn. 3 MOLEX 22-05-7038 - Positive, Check, Common / Receiver, Conn. 1 MOLEX22-05-7038 - Positive, Check, Common / Receiver, Conn. 2 MOLEX 22-05-7048 Positive, Check, Output, CommonOperating temperature0°C…+ 55° C (without freeze)Test/ApprovalsDegree of protectionNot defined