Miksan VA 2-80 Monofaze Motor

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What is a Vibration Motor?Electric Vibration Motors are manufactured to be used in various vibration machines such as filters, silos, surface cleaning, conveyors, feeding, dosing, test tables for industrial purposes. The vibration movement occurs by oscillating eccentric weights at both ends of an asynchronous motor shaft.What are the General Features of 1 Phase Vibration Motors?Centrifugal force up to 500 kg.Aluminum die-cast bodySquirrel-cage rotor made of low loss sheet metal with enhanced starting moment.Adjustable centrifugal force.Standard 230V 50Hz power supply (for other voltage and frequency values ​​please contact our technical department)IP-66 Protection class.Class F insulationS1 continuous work15 ° C …… + 40 ° C Ambient temperatureWorking Conditions of 1 Phase Vibration MotorsAmbient temperature: -15 C .... + 40 CMechanical Protection Class: IP 66Insulation Class: FVibration motors are made of high quality materials with delicate workmanship.While choosing the ulman, its durability and durability were considered. A special magnetic circuit and winding have been formed in order to prevent the motors from getting hot due to continuous operation.Ibration motors are being used significantly in various branches of our industry.It is useful in terms of ease of operation and economical in this respect. It is easy to back up instead, so that the business is not interrupted.No intervention or maintenance is required as long as it works.Click for the single phase model .Features of VA 2-80 Vibration MotorMECHANICAL DATAELECTRICAL DATATRANSFER/MINUTEMODELCENTRIFUGE FORCESTATICMOMENTUMWEIGHTNONIMAL VOLTAGEMAX. CURRENTMAX. INPUT POWER50 Hz KGNkgmmKGVAkW3000VA 2 -808078586.2230/4000.60 / 0.350,17 SIZES (mm)MODELABCDTOØGx4HILMNCable EntryFigure No VA 2-8021915612574-6210696251,5113116145M20 x 1.5one