NSD VS-10G-A-1 VARILIMIT Limit Switch Output Controller

NSD VS-10G-A-1 VARILIMIT  Limit Switch Output Controller Image

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Model codingVS-10G [1]-[2]-[3]-[4][1]Output systemCodeSpecificationBlankSink type[2]OutputCodeSpecificationBlankSwitch output onlyDSwitch output with current position outputASwitch output with position/speed voltage outputCSwitch output with position/speed current output[3]Power supply voltageCodeSpecification124VDC[4]Applicable sensorCodeApplicable sensorMPMRE-32SP062/MRE-G?SP062(? : 64/128/160/256/320)LVLS-256PWB/VLS-512PWB/VLS-1024PWLCCSA CylinderV2VRE-16TS062Contact us about other specifications. ABSOCODER Basic Configuration       SpecificationGeneral specificationItemSpecificationConverter modelVS-10G-1, VS-10G-D-1, VS-10G-A-1, VS-10G-C-1Power supply voltage24VDCPermissible powervoltage range21.6 ? 30VDCPower consumption10W or lessInsulation resistance20M? or more between external AC power terminals and ground(by 500 VDC insulation resistance tester)Withstand voltage500 VAC, 60Hz for 1 minute between external DC power terminals and groundVibration resistance20m/s2 10 ? 500Hz, 10cycles of 5 minutes in 3 directions,conforms to JIS C 0040 standardAmbient operatingtemperature0 ? +55? (No freezing)(Surrounding air temperature rating of 55? maximum)Ambient operatinghumidity20 ? 95 %RH (No condensation)Ambient operatingenvironmentFree from corrosive gases and excessive dustAmbient storagetemperature-25 ? +70?GroundingMust be securely grounded (ground resistance of 100 ohm or less)ConstructionInside control panelMountingSelect from two-screw mounting/DIN rail installation/on-panel mounting using panel mounting fixture VS-K-F.Outside dimension (mm)130(W)×81(H)×99(D)MassApprox. 0.7kgPerformance SpecificationItemSpecificationConverter modelVS-10G-1, VS-10G-D-1, VS-10G-A-1, VS-10G-C-1Number of programsVS-10B mode:8(1-8)Extended mode:8(1-8) or 32(0-31)Number of switches30Number of multi-dogs10 times for each switch output (1-A)(In the case of selecting the VS-10B mode and 8-program in the extended mode)4 times for each switch output (1-4)(In the case of selecting 32-program in the extended mode)Position datasampling time1msSwitch outputsetting methodNumerical setting from the panel or teachingMin. setting unitsMin. : 0.00001Position setting range-999999 ? 999999Setting value memoryNon-volatile memories (FRAM)Error detectionSensor power supply error, Sensor data error, Sensor error, Memory error, No setting error,Preset error, Program No. input error, Multi-dog setting error, System errorCommunication functionSerial(RS-232C) communication (setting value saving or loading, monitoring, operation commands)Connection with touch panel is possible (VARIMONI)Connection by Mitsubishi-only protocol/MELSEC-A protocolConnection by OMRON-only protocolAuxiliary function listsItemConverter modelVS-10G-1VS-10G-D-1VS-10G-A-1VS-10G-C-1Operation modeVS-10BmodeExtendedmodeVS-10BmodeExtendedmodeVS-10BmodeExtendedmodeVS-10BmodeExtendedmodeExistingFunctionsProtected switch????????TEACH setting????????Current position output--6-digit BCD/24-bit binary----Current position presetby travel direction input?-?-?-?-Analog voltageoutput for position----??--Analog currentoutput for position------??NewFunctionsCurrent position presetby auto-detectingtravel direction-?-?-?-?Analog voltageoutput for speed-----?--Analog currentoutput for speed-------?Output HOLD-?-?-?-?Measuring-?-?-?-?Motion recording-?-?-?-?Motion detection-?-?-?-?Sensor filter-?-?-?-?Hysteresis-?-?-?-?Switch output enabling-