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The “TLT” series level transmitter is used to measures the level of fluids that are found in storage or process tanks. The fluid shall neither be adhesive nor feature high viscosity. The standard version fits fluids up to 0.6 kg/dm3, with pressure values up to 50 bar and temperature values between -40° C and +85° C. The instrument can alse be used for interface service (measurement between two fluids that cannot be mixed). The instrument allows for remote transmission of the measured level, through a linear 4/20 mA signal that is also proportional to its gauge. It is made of a chain of resistancea and reed contacts, inserted in an a-magnetic tube (AISI 316L) and connected to a converter located inside the rod to close. Being connected to the chain of resistances, they entail a change in the total resistive value of the chain. Hence, the level changes into a change in resistance that is then converted from an electronic circuit into a 4/20 mA linear signal that is proportional to the field of the level indicator.