Olaer 108879-01125 ELM 2,8 - 250/90 Diaphragm Accumulator

Olaer 108879-01125 ELM 2,8 - 250/90 Diaphragm Accumulator Image

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Membrane accumulators OL – ELMBecause of their simple design, membrane accumulators OL – ELM are particularly suitable for secondary applications.They are available in different versions. The different types of design give flexibility in respect of uses and applications, e.g. in the case of fluids with high viscosity, to compensate for leakage losses, to maintain pressure, to bridge the response time for pumps with variable delivery quantities or for cushioning purposes.The ELM diaphragm accumulator offers a reliable and efficient solution for storing energy under pressure and as an hydraulic spring. Utilizing comprehensive tools and resources including an applications database, CAD/CAM we offer an optimized design and performance membrane accumulator. (all hydraulic accumulators are compliant to 2014/68/EU regulation)ELM diaphragm accumulators (also referred to as membrane accumulators) are gas-loaded accumulators in which separation between the liquid and gas sides is achieved by a flexible diaphragm. They have a compact and lightweight design are available in 2 elastomer mixes; Nitrile and Hydrin (for low temperature working conditions) with a maximum pressure of 350bar (up to 2,8 liters) and volume of 3.5 Litres (up to 250 Bar).ELM accumulator range comes with a bonded seal (BS) fluid port with female or male and female fluid connection and M28x1,5 gas connection.Accumulator accessories such as Safety Blocks, Clamps, Lock nut, Charging Sets (VGU), can aid the safe installation and operation of the accumulators in any hydraulic system.