Olaer Vgu/F.25/250*.8 Accumulator Charging Kit

Olaer Vgu/F.25/250*.8 Accumulator Charging Kit Image

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Tester and pressuriser VG U, VG R and Pressure regulatorsThe universal VG U and VG R tester and pressuriser unit is indispensible for checking, charging and draining the most commonly used hydraulic accumulators available on the market.It is screwed to the pressurizing valve on the accumulator and connected to the nitrogen source using a high-pressure hose that is fitted with a pressure-reducing valve, e.g. from our DRV range.If the nitrogen only needs to be monitored or reduced, no hose is required.The charging set VGU is an indispensable instrument for the verification, pressurization and nitrogen bleeding of most of the hydraulic accumulators available on the market. The standard set is delivered in a storage case containing the following:•  VGU universal tester and pressurizer (end M28 x 1.50).•  Pressure gauge kit from 0 to 25 bar.•  Pressure gauge kit from 0 to 250 bar.•  Connection adapters for inflation valves (7/8’’ – 5/8’’ – 8V1 - M28 x 1.50).•  High pressure hose, 2.5 m long, for connecting to a nitrogen source.•  Hexagon socket screw key 6mm.•  Jackets of replacement joints.•  Operating instruction in French, English, German.Note: On request, the following options are available:•  Pressure gauge kits with different scale divisions: 63mm with glycerol bath back end G1/4’’ cyl. equipped with direct gear forMinimess ® connection. Scale divisions 0-10, 0-60, 0-100, 0-400, with accuracy class 1.6%.•  High pressure hose of different length with adapters for nitrogen bottles from various countries (specify country), at each end with afemale swivel coupling G1/4’’ for connecting to the inflation port.Maximum working pressure: limited by the maximum operating pressure of the installed hydraulic system, pressure limited to 400 barin any case.