Pall UR669CF6440ZA Duplex Filter

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UR629 Series Athalon® Return Line Duplex FiltersAthalon® maximum-life filters deliver the highest level of sustained fluid system protection, across all applications, regardless of severity. Featuring an industry leading BetaX(C)=2000* filter efficiency; the highest rated filter performance available today. (* per ISO 16889)Notes and Specifications Filter Housing Flows to 1500 L/min (400 US gpm) Pressures to 28 bar (400 psi) Port Size 3” and 4” Rated Fatigue Pressure: 0-23 bar (330 psi) per NFPA T2.06.01R2-2001 CAT C/90/* (1 million cycles), verified by testing at 0-27 bar (392 psi) for 1 million cycles. Filter Element Burst Pressure: 10 bard (150 psid) Fluid Compatibility: Compatible with all petroleum oils and most water glycols, water-oil emulsions, and most synthetic hydraulic and lubrication fluids Temperature Range: Fluorocarbon Seals: -29˚ C to 120˚ C (-20˚ F to 248˚ F) 60˚ C (140˚ F) maximum in HWCF or water glycol fluids Bypass Valve Setting: 4.5 bard (65 psid) or 1.7 bard (25 psid) Indicator Pressure Setting: 3.5 bard (50 psid) or 1.1 bard (16 psid) Materials of Construction: Head, tube, manifold and check valve: Aluminium Cover: Cast iron Filter Element : Inorganic fibers impregnated and bonded with epoxy resins. Polymer endcaps. Anti-static media design Features Patented Ultipleat (laid-over pleat) filter medium pack Pall Stress-Resistant Technology (SRT) Media Coreless filter element configuration Low clean differential pressure for low energy operation