Parker DF65605QIVM3KR402 Duplex Filter

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Low Pressure In-Line Duplex Filter - DF65 SeriesThe DF65 duplex filter has been designed especially for applications where space is limited. The unique design allows the installation of the filter in almost any position. Suitable for a max. flow 800 L/min and a max. pressure of 25 bar. Technical Specifications   Flow Rate: 800 L/min, 500-1,000 L/min Seal Material: Fluorelastomer Mounting Type: Inline Pressure Rating: 0-34 bar, 0-500 psi bar Housing Material: Cast iron (GSJ) Full Product DescriptionThe DF65 duplex fılter has been designed especially for applications where space is limited. The unique allows  the installation of the fılter in almost any position. For very tight height limitations, horizontal mounting position will save on critical available space. Purpose-designed iprotect® elements contain a broad filtration  area providing low pressure loss, long service life and maximum protection even in cold conditions. The duplex arrangement allows continuous operation and element service to be made when mmost suitable for the maintenance staff.P® family of fılter elements represent the next generation of patented fılter elements.       a. Thanks to the patented construction of every iprotect element, the quality of fıltration is guaranteed, as no 'pirate spare parts' can be used. This ensures that the iprotect element remains the truly protective 'DNA' of hydraulic & lubrication systems. b. In addition to the ultimate protection of the system, the iprotect family ensures that any environmental impact is minimised, by the retention and reuse of the fılter element support core. c. Finally, 'iprotect' the environment by reducing environmental waste, typically, by 50%. Typical Applications:•      Gearbox lubrication systems•     Turbine lubrication systems •      Propulsion systems