Poseico AT847LT S28X Thyristor

Poseico AT847LT S28X Thyristor Image

Poseico AT847LT S28X Thyristor

Product Name: Poseico AT847LT S28X Thyristor
Brand: Poseico
Product Code: AT847LT S28X

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Standard High Power Press Pack Semiconductors produced by Poseico Power Electronics are assembled in a high reliable, robust and hermetic sealed ceramic housing. All the Insulated Modules produced by Poseico Power Electronics uses high reliable Pressure Contact Technology (PCT); the semiconductors are assembled and tested in a individual plastic case to increase the products reliability. Poseico Power Electronics devices are operating in the field from more than 40 years. All devices types are still in production uptonow, and spare parts can be supplied.A complete set of accessories and cooling and clamping system and  power assemblies are also supplied by Poseico Power Electronics.