Schurter TA45-ABDWK050U3 Circuit Breaker

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The TA45-ABTWF160C0 is a 16A 2-pole rocker Circuit Breaker for equipment, rocker actuated version of the TA45 line of thermal CBE's can be used for various purposes. Basically it is a CBE for automatic interruption of overloads with facilities for regular manual ON or OFF switching operations under normal load conditions. It is capable of interrupting moderate short-circuit currents without the aid of backup protection. Panel mounted with 240VAC/60VDC supply voltage.IP40 Protection rating4000VAC Dielectric strength>100MR at 5000VDC Insulation resistance-10 to 55°C Permissible ambient temperature rangeThermal positively trip-freeUnder-voltage release (zero-voltage release)Remote tripMechanical lock-out latch