Seim PWOF Series 3 Screw Pumps

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Design available Standard SEIM Flow Rate USGPM 172 Suction pressure -0.5 to 10 barg (-8 to 146 psi) * Seal Mechanical Bearing Radial ball Bearing lubrication Self-lubricated Safety valve Built-in not available - Built-on as BVPA type for some sizes pump - In-line valves availavle (refer to dedicated section) OPERATING CONDITIONS Fluids: Mineral and synthetic lubricating and hydraulic oil Solid content: ask SEIM for details Speed: 1450 to 3500 rpm, depending by the pump size * Rotation (shaft view): Clockwise CW INSTALLATION DATA Installation: Indoor or Outdoor, Horizontal or Vertical. Note #2 Environment: Industrial, Marine MATERIALS Body/Flange: Aluminium / Cast iron GJL250 (or GJS400) * O-rings: Viton ® N.A. Painting: On request