Steimel TF8/120 Gear Pump Image

Steimel TF8/120 Gear Pump

Product Name: Steimel TF8/120 Gear Pump
Brand: Steimel
Product Code: TF8/120
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Gear Pump

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Special design: TF-Pump with electrical cover-heating and temperature sensor These lubrication- and feeding pumps are particularly suitable for pumping all media which guarantee a minimum lubricity but do not contain any solids.The sense of rotation in TF pumps is normally clockwise as seen from the pump shaft. Upon request the pumps can be supplied with counter-clockwise rotation or with clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation with alternating direction of delivery flow. The nominal bores of suction and pressure ports are optimally dimensioned in order to limit the oil speeds to about 5 m/s max. at the standard rotational speed.Key dataPump capacity 80 - 1,000 cm³ / rev.Allowed pressure up to 25 bar(depending on size)Viscosity range up to about 50,000 mm²/s