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The limit switch EGS08 allows to control 3 limit values via 3 relays. Load cells with an outputsignal range of 4...20mA can be connected to it. The housing is prepared for top hat rail mounting.FeaturesAnalog limit switch for top hat rail mounting For sensors with 4...20mA output 2-/3-wiretecsis force transducers with SIL3-relay connectable3 potential free relay contacts (closing contacts) with status LED Accuracy 0,3% of the full scalePotentiometer allows easy adjusting of the limit valuesCable break and loose rope recognitionSensor supply 21 VDC, max. 50 mANeeded supply energy 24 VAC or VDCUser-friendly and easy to maintain because of big screw type terminalsCompact designFilter settings selectable through solder bridgesProtection class IP 40ApplicationIn combination with load cells or force transducers the limit switch EGS08 is utilized in weighing and load control in hoisting devices, cranes and more. Connectable are force transducer or load cells with an output signal of 4...20 mA in 2- or 3-wire design. By changing a solder bridge an input range of 1...9 mA can be choosen. The internal sensor supply is 21 VDC with max 50 mA. Usually the switch is not pre-adjusted and the customer connects it to the force transducer and also adjusts it. The adjustment of the level of the 3 limit values, which correlates to a certain load of the connected strain gauges, is done by a potentiometer.  When turned off or not supplied with power the three relay contacts drop off. If one of the sensors is broken or not connected all relays switch to the state of overload. A status LED for each relay illuminates as long as the contact is closed.  The limit switch is designed for top hat rail mounting in a switch cabinet.  The robust full housing also allows stand-alone mounting.