Tellarini X 40  Pump Image

Tellarini X 40 Pump

Product Name: Tellarini X 40 Pump
Brand: Tellarini
Product Code: X 40
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X pumps Flow rates from 258 to 360 lt/minThe best solution for the suction and transfer of liquids, thanks to the strong self-priming ability, the ability to run even with discontinuous presence of the liquid in suction and the reversibility of the flow, is easy to install and use. The X series pumps are made of CB 754S brass with stainless steel shaft. They are supplied with hose connectors. This model is provided with a multiplier (ratio 1: 6) for coupling to 1 ”3/8 rotating PTOs at low speed. For each application, it is necessary to check the suitability and choose appropriate gaskets.The product are particularly suitable for use:·         agriculture (fungicides, liquid fertilizers, components on agricultural machinery, irrigation) ·         transports (tankers, road machines, on board water systems)