VIMARC UE 11-6 F16 Unbalance exciters

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Q Strong painted steel covers supplied blind or with opening for drive shaft. W Graduated adjustment of the working moment (amplitude) by turning the rear eccentric weights. All exciters are supplied with a drive shaft connection flange already installed on one side. The universal joint of the drive shaft is bolted to this flange and can be switched to opposite side. E High Strength bearing housing with dust tight seal. R Special roller bearings with high load carrying capacity and increased internal clearance. Bearings operate in oil bath lubrication system. T Pair of low-noise gears especially designed for high loads and synchronization of the centrifugal weights. Gears are oil splash lubricated. Y Totally enclosed rigid case for effective transmission of high acceleration loads to the structure and to reduced noise. U Removable lifting eyes for safe and easy mounting. I Multiple oil fill and drain plugs for mounting in any position. O Breather vent to prevent internal pressure build up