Vogel MKF2-KW3-20003+428 Pump

Vogel MKF2-KW3-20003+428 Pump Image

Vogel MKF2-KW3-20003+428 Pump

Product Name: Vogel MKF2-KW3-20003+428 Pump
Brand: Vogel
Product Code: MKF2-KW3-20003+428

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MKF2 Single-line Pump - with control - fluid greaseSpecifications:Lubricant: fluid greaseNLGI-class: 000 / 00Integrated control: IG38-30-IFlow rate: 0,2 l/minReservoir material: plasticOperating pressure: max. 30 barOperating temperature: +10 to +40°CPush buttonOptions:Motor:115 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1,06 / 1,36 A, 60 / 75 W230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 0,53 / 0,68 A, 60 / 75 WReservoir size:3,0 liter6,0 literMonitoring / attachmentsÜberwachung / Anbauten:Fill level switch, NCPressure switch, NO, 20 barPressure gauge