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FeaturesThis high flow precision regulator includes:Adjusting KnobDiaphragm Design for Good Repeatability, Response and SensitivityBalanced PoppetTwo Full Flow Gauge PortsPrecise RegulationSenses a decrease in Downstream Pressure as small as 1/4" of WaterHigh Flow CapacityFlows of 80 SCFM Attainable with Minimal DropStable OutputDampening Action of Aspiration Tube makes RegulatorInsensitive to Changes in FlowOn-line MaintenanceCan be serviced without removal of air lineSpecificationsFlow Capacityat 100 PSIG Supply,80 PSIG Outlet1/4", 3/8"80 SCFM (37.8 m3/s)Operating PressureRangePrimary - Maximum250 PSIG (17.2 bar)Operating Temperature-40° to 160°F (-40° to 71°C)Temperatures below (0°C) 32°F requiremoisture-free airEffect of Supply Pressure VariationLess than 0.1 PSIG for 100 PSIG (6.89 bar) changeExhaust (Relief) Capacity4 SCFM with downstream pressure 5 PSIG above set pressure. Exhaust commences at 0.01 PSIG above set pressure.Inches of Water Column1/4"Port Threads1/4", 3/8"Gauge Ports (2x)Can be used as additionalfull flow 1/4" outlet portsTwo Ports, 1/4"Response250 ms(The valve will open to full flow andfill a volume of 1250 cm3)Constant Bleed Rate1.0 to 12.5 SCFH(depending on output pressure)Repeatability / Sensitivity±0.010 PSIG (±0.00068 bar)Weight1.6lb. (0.74 kg)