Zeppelin ZWV 85 Diverter Valve

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The two-way diverter valve ZWV is used in the bulk material industry for directing or converging the product ­ow in pneumatically operated pressure and vacuum conveying systems as well as in diverter stations. The two-way diverter valve is particularly ef‑cient when it comes to processing hard-to-handle powders or pelletized products. Design characteristics n Durable cast housing with connecting flanges, rotary plug unit for diverting the product flow and pneumatic drive for turning the rotation pipe in the housing n Housing made of cast aluminium with flange connection, parts in contact with product stainless steel n Rotary plug unit made of cast aluminium with with stainless steel pipe inserts n Inserted bearing pins for durable concentric assembly n Trouble-free flow in the conveying direction n Actuation of the rotary plug unit by pneumatic cylinder n 5/2-way solenoid valve 24 V DC or special voltages n Limit switch for electrical remote display of valve position n Electro-pneumatic drive (air pressure 6 bar) n Fitting length: 400 – 800 mm n Diverting angle 35° n Pressure tight to the outside and the activated leg max. 1.5 bar (g), 4 bar (g) from 06/2017 n Design according to ATEX 2014/34/EU for operation in zone 22 n Temperature range from -20 to 120 °C