Adalet CN4X6-241608 CN Series Control Enclosures

Adalet CN4X6-241608  CN Series Control Enclosures Image

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Standard Features•  75 standard sizes available•  Stainless steel cover clamps and screws•  Continuous piano hinge with removable stainless steel pin•  Watertight silicone gasket•  Padlock hasp and staple•  Internal rail mounting system•  Ground stud on box and cover•  External earth stud•  Wall mounting feetDesign Options•  Gland plates (6” deep or greater) can be supplied pre-drilled or blank for field drilling•  Mounting panels•  Drilled entries and cut-outs•  Adalet EH series Exe operators•  Legend plates and lamacoid or stainless steel name plates•  Breather / drain•  Stopping plugs•  Terminal block assemblies•  Stainless steel mounting panels•  Cable glands and conduit fittings•  Internal earth bar•  Custom sizesMaterial•  Type 304 or 316L Stainless Steel•  Enclosure and cover constructed from 14 gauage (.060) stainless steel with #3/4 brush finish•  Gland plates constructed from 10 gauge (.1046) stainless steel with a #34 brush finish•  Silicone gasket constructed from 1/4” Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA    •  Gland plate gasket constructed from 1/8” Bisco silicone with acrylic PSA