Aerzen DELTA Screw with Belt Drive Screw Compressor

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Models: VM 8-P, VM 45-P, VM 75-P, VM 85-P, VM100-P, VM 140-P, VM 8-V, VM 45-V, VM 75-V, VM 85-V, VM100-V, VM 140V, VML 60-V, VML 95-V, VML 150V, VML 250V, VML 60-P, VML 95-P, VML 150P, VML 250PFor compressing air, nitrogen and other neutral gases.Maximizing energy efficiency. The single-stage, oil-free screw compressors in the Delta Screw Generation 5 plus series are universal tools. They bundle all the know-how of a world market leader in compressor technology to offer you ‘the user’ maximum efficiency. These innovative machines are belt-driven to provide air and nitrogen applications at positive pressure, negative pressure, and in a range of nominal sizes. The flexible modular system allows for almost any combination of compressors and accessory components. The belt drive allows for optimal adaptation of the system to the job at hand, as well as for any changes that may become necessary later. In addition, the belt drive allows for precise configuration – an important feature given that the greatest savings come from saving energy. This means, for example, that a 5% deviation in the volume stream means a 5% increase in energy consumption. Generation 5 plus. Five decisive advantages.Delta Screw Generation 5 plus is the fifth generation in Aerzen’s most successful line of compressor packages and also comes with five main advantages:Energy efficient, reduced life-cycle costsSignificantly reduced noise levelsATEX certified for spark suppressionSpace-saving compact designUser friendly and low-maintenanceTECHNICAL DATAType of technology Screw compressors Design Positive pressure , Negative pressure Volume flow 70.632 to 1,559.79 CFM Medium air , neutral gases , landfill and biogas , process gases , aggressive gases Compression oil-free Negative Pressure Max. -12.33 psi Positive Pressure Max. 50.76 psi