Alfamatic OP SA 50 Electric Press

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The electric presses OP SA series are working stations ready to use, complete and CE safety certified.They are available with thrust forces up to 100 kN and C-frame, two and four pillars structures. Press-Right governorThe press cycle is managed by the instrument Press-Right. The instrument is available with the most common industrial interfaces. It is supplied in bundle with the program Winscope ®, fot using the press connected with a PC.The instrument is equipped with SD memory for independent memorization of the pressing curves. Alfamatic servo-pressesare also available with atwo or four pillar structures.  Pressa elettrica OP SA 10OP SA 25OP SA 50OP SA 100Forza di spintakN102550100Corsa massimamm300300250250Velocita massimamm/s250140250100Precisione sensore forza1% del valore di fondo scalaRipetibilità a carico costantemm0,01